Commercial and Industrial

Cypress Land Company

Cypress Land Company decided to revamp their large, worn out, 100,000+ sq. ft. roof while they were in between tenant occupation. A Spray Coating System was chosen to recover the current Built-Up Roof installed by Skycraft Roofing Inc. over 20 years ago. The roof had very little tough detail built into it but was dotted consistently with over 100 skylights, which we replaced and roofed in as part of the job. Protecting the newly installed skylights was a chore in itself which consisted of wrapping any and all within range of where we would be spraying that day.

Pacific Medical Center

Medical facilities often provide a unique set of guidelines to follow on a re-roofing project. With the Pacific Medical Center, noxious smells and fumes were ruled out from the beginning for this 12,000+ sq ft. project. Once it was clear a low-impact roofing system was desired the owner was excited about our Single-Ply system and was 100% sold on it after learning about the 20 yr. No Dollar Limit warranty which we offered him. The 4-story structure was loaded, started, and completed without a snag.