Providing Roofing Repairs and Maintenance to the Southern California Area for More Than 50 Years

Skycraft Roofing Inc’s Commercial/Industrial Roof Maintenance Program is perfect for all commercial and industrial buildings! Roof maintenance is an important and often over looked aspect of a buildings roof. Our roof maintenance program makes sure that you are protected from basic issues, such as clogged drains which have been the cause of many flooded buildings, to more complex issues, such as making sure the HVAC systems are fully and correctly integrated with your roof system. We custom tailor each Commercial/Industrial Roof Maintenance Program so that our efforts and resources are maximized at your roofs most vulnerable areas. There is no one size fits all program because no two roofs are the same. We pride our company on being focused, diligent, and well-informed when it comes to designing your maintenance schedule.

Many roofers will attempt to over sell products and work at every corner, Skycraft Roofing does not take part in that sort of business. We strive to be honest and transparent in all of our dealings with customers and at the end of the day hope that we have earned your trust, as well as your future business.

Our Projects

Downtown LA Maintenance

This multi-building apartment complex located just outside of Downtown Los Angeles has a 5-7 year old coating over the original cap sheet roof. A two-man maintenance crew spent nearly three days meticulously examining the nooks and crannies this roof consisted of. As is apparent in the photo; cracked pipes were resealed, worn areas in the coating were cleaned and re-coated, and drains were cleared of stoppage causing debris. Also, the entire roof was cleaned, eliminating areas of dirt and debris which retain heat and cause unnecessarily rapid roof deterioration. After our end of the maintenance contract was upheld this apartment building roof was revamped, clean and tidy, and ready for rain!