Cypress Land Company

Tropical 360 Modified Emulsion, Hanes Polyester, Tropical 911 Elastomeric Coating.

Cypress Land Company decided to revamp their large, worn out, 100,000+ sq. ft. roof while they were in between tenant occupation. A Spray Coating System was chosen to recover the current Built-Up Roof installed by Skycraft Roofing Inc. over 20 years ago. The roof had very little tough detail built into it but was dotted consistently with over 100 skylights, which we replaced and roofed in as part of the job. Protecting the newly installed skylights was a chore in itself which consisted of wrapping any and all within range of where we would be spraying that day. With little traffic to the warehouse and offices we were able to position our emulsion and coating tankers in opportune areas on the ground to reach all corners of the roof. At the end of the 4 week project Skycraft Roofing Inc. walked away from a naturally lit, Title 24 certified, and energy efficient building, all thanks to the roof!