Providing Commercial and Industrial Roofing to the Southern California Area for More Than 50 Years

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Skycraft Roofing Inc. specializes in handling the roofing needs of ALL commercial and industrial buildings. We have been assuring property owners of leak-free warehouses, office buildings, and retail centers for over a ½ Century. We understand tenants need not be inconvenienced by our presence and that the faster we succeed at our job the faster YOUR business can get back to running on all cylinders. Skycraft Roofing Inc. has the experience, know-how, man power and motivation to seamlessly handle your roofing issue, without the head-aches.

A building must be purposefully examined to determine what specific demands the roof will be required to handle. Will there be heavy foot traffic to service equipment or for other reasons? Will Title 24 compliance be necessary for air conditioned areas in the building? What building, fire and wind codes are applicable for the city and county? We have the ability to present you with a number of different roofing system options, one of which will be perfect to address the specific characteristics and functionality of your building.