Rainy Day Roofing


Roofer's become most popular at a time when we can do the least, rainy days. Everybody wants their roofer to come stop their leak when the rain starts falling but options are limited at that point. A wet, dirty roof poses the worst possible circumstances for completing a quality leak repair or even for having a fighting chance at stopping the leak temporarily. This doesn't mean, however, that you should hesitate to call your roofer or contact your landlord as soon as you are aware of a roof leak, and here's why.

For one thing, the sooner you report your leak the higher up on the roofer's list you will be. This either means you will get attention that day to address the leak or you will be visited quickly after raining ceases to pinpoint the problem and correct it. Another good reason to urgently report your leak is if it is an emergency. If you have water pouring in down a wall allowing gallons of water to enter your building there is a good chance we can do something to at least slow the leak down. Big leaks can often be attributed to issues with drain areas, the most vulnerable spot on the roof. We know how sensitive these areas are and therefore know their intricacies and how to quickly solve problems with them. Perhaps the leak is not huge but the merchandise, equipment, or other goods underneath the roof are very important to you/ expensive. An emergency call will cost you since the roofer is inclined to drop what they are doing and stop your issue at any reasonable cost, so it is best to weigh the urgency vs. cost before labeling your situation an “emergency”.

The moral of this post is always call your roofer ASAP when a leak is spotted, just be understanding of their extremely busy schedule! Skycraft Roofing Inc. works very hard to be proactive in addressing leaks as well as getting them fixed before the next big rain. We are capable of running between one and four, quality, Journeyman led leak repair/maintenance crews at a time. That flexibility and experience allows us to fix up to 25 leaks all across Southern California in one day! Consider Skycraft Roofing Inc. when your next roof leak pops up, you will be impressed by the quality and attention you receive.