What the Forecasted "Godzilla" El Niño Means for the Roofing Industry.

El Nino

The closer we get to the 2015-2016 Winter season, the more reassurance we are receiving from the specialists that it will indeed be a rainy one. Some even forecast it being a heavy enough El Niño to warrant the nickname "Godzilla" (http://mg.co.za/article/2015-08-01-godzilla-el-nino-coming). When speaking with affiliates in the roofing industry, customers, family, friends, and basically anyone with an opinion, the upcoming rainfall is unanimously considered as something we need and is actively wished for by most. But how will this environmentally friendly weather forecast affect the roofing industry and, for that matter, anyone who owns property and has to worry about a leaking roof?

Your roofing contractor will be the first one tell you that we need rain; this is because their revenue stream is correlated to the amount of rain that falls in a year, either loosely or very tightly depending on the specific services they offer or niche of the market they perform in. Therefore, more rain equals more revenue which in turn leads to more profits, right? This is true for a certain time period, but when roofs which have been left in disrepair for years are finally tested with days and days of heavy rains, the workload can become unmanageable. Especially when the wet weather does not permit roofers to work the standard 40 hours a week. Problems start to build when more and more rain stresses the importance of roof replacements and repairs but also leaves fewer days to actually get the work done. Nearly all roofers will have a backlog at this point and those customers willing to pay a little extra will be the first to be visited when the rain lets up.

Although this may sound like the ideal situation for a contractor, a long line of customers waiting to pay a premium for your services,  it is not necessarily so to a customer service oriented company like Skycraft Roofing. The excessive amount of work and the limited time to complete it makes it nearly impossible to service the requests of every customer we work with, which is what we attempt to do on a daily basis. The most effective way for a property owner to avoid the stressful times and lofty fees related with rainfall is to be proactive in replacing or repairing their roof. Performing work on your roof during the summer time can help assure that you get the job done on your desired schedule while likely getting the services at a discount compared to rainy season premiums.

While everyone seems to agree that rain is needed in our drought prone region, it is bound to cause problems for those who have neglected their roofs in the past five years. As well as for roofing contractors who will struggle to please the customers they've worked very hard to earn and care greatly about keeping.



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