What type of roof is best for me? Part 2- Commercial/Industrial


Commercial and Industrial buildings pose unique situations for the roofer due to the large variety of services which can take place under a roof and what sort of penetrations and roof top apparatus might be necessary for those operations. What you will often find is a roof being cross-cut and cluttered with pipes and machinery which needs a specific, detail oriented plan to be roofed or re-roofed correctly. However, it is also common to find thousands of square feet of roof nearly uninterrupted in which case you need a roofing contractor who has a tested and tried systematic approach to completing your large roofing project. Skycraft Roofing Inc. has the correct system for your commercial roof no matter what tough details it might involve:

Modified Bitumen, Torch down- A torch applied roof is often a great choice when there are objects to work around on the roof. The labor intensive and detail oriented nature of this system ensures that each and every penetration through your roof is properly roofed around. It also allows for machinery (such as HVAC units) to be left in place and running during a re-roof when certain types of roofing systems might call for the detachment and short term relocation of such machinery. Furthermore, Torch systems can be completed with little to no supplementary roofing sealants, such as mastics, which require maintenance. What this all means is an excellent roof, with little disturbance to the day-to-day operations of tenants, and low maintenance expenses in the future.

Built-Up Roof (BUR’s)- BUR’s are one of the oldest modern roofing techniques and still are often times the best candidate for a new roof. These roofs have proven their power and are often the most economical choice. They have their place in both commercial and industrial roofing situations and can be completed much quicker than Torch down systems. BUR’s are most commonly found as 4-ply systems. This means that there are four layers of membrane and tar roofing which form the water-proof barrier between your business and the elements outside.

Single Ply- Single Ply systems consist of many potential membrane make-ups, TPO and PVC being the most popular on the West coast and the ones which we at Skycraft Roofing put our faith into. These systems are very low impact as far as tenant disturbance goes and they use no tar or chemical products. They are of the fastest growing roofing systems in the U.S. due to their environmentally friendly characteristics, their comparatively “quiet” installation, and the invaluable manufacturer warranties which can be attained. These roofs are a great choice if you are interested in skipping the mess, saving costs on cooling your building, or just want a 20 to 30 year roof that you will never have to worry about maintenance or repair expenses for.

Coating’s­- Gaining popularity over the last 10-15 years, Roof Coating systems definitely have an important place in the realm of big building roofing. Often categorized as a maintenance expense, these systems are physically sprayed onto the roof. A layer of fabric is set in emulsion before two top coats of white coating are applied. This provides an extra 12- 15 years of life to a roof while also securing a Title-24 cool roof rating that will cut down on energy costs. Coating systems are currently taking off and may be the best option for your roofing needs.