What type of roof is best for me? Part 1- Residential

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You have many different things to think about when putting a new roof on your residential property. Style, price, longevity wished for, and structural integrity of roof frame all come into consideration. The following is a rough break down of your options for a sloped roof on your home or rental property:

Tile- Tile is an upgrade both aesthetically and performance wise. While shingles have variety in color and style, the diversity among roofing tiles dwarfs their selection. Clay, concrete, and slate are just a few of the materials tile can be made of and each of these can be found in an immense number of styles. The nature of tile being what it is, the material does not erode or degrade. Roof under-layment may be compromised after many decades but often times the tile is still good and can be re-used. The addition of a tile roof can improve the look of a house to look grand and professional.

Composition Shingles- The most common type of roof found on homes in the U.S. is a composition shingle roof. Shingles come in a variety of colors, styles, and ratings. They are comparatively easy to install and are rated to last anywhere between 20 yrs and 50 yrs. They are lightweight, if structural integrity is an issue, and have proven the test of time. They are also the most inexpensive way to put a reliable new roof on your home.

Flat roof options- Many homes have sections of or are completely comprised of flat roofs. Flat roofs will be covered in depth in Part 2 of “What roof is best for me?”. There are a variety of different systems for this circumstance and Skycraft Roofing Inc. is here to help you decide on one.

Next week, “What roof is best for me?” Part 2- Commercial buildings