Is now a good time to replace your roof?

Roof Maintenance Pictures

There are many different factors which will help you decide whether now is the best time to replace that 15, 20, or 25 year old roof on your home or business. The most deciding factor involved in this question is the overall state of your current roof. Perhaps your old cap sheet roof has easily visible issues; loss of granules in many spots, obvious tears, areas where the material laps over each other are no longer sticking. All of these visually apparent signs, and others, point to a worn out roof. Without replacement this roof will be leaking in varying degrees during our next rain. If your roof falls under this category you should immediately begin looking into contractors who can help you decide on what type of roof you will install next. Skycraft Roofing is happy to begin these talks with you. Now is the time for a new roof.

Just because you are not in immediate danger of being flooded out by your damaged roof does not mean you should put off a re-roof until that situation occurs. It is always better to nip the situation in the butt before you are desperate and your old roof is allowing water to damage your personal belongings, business equipment, or tenant’s belongings. You do, however, have some options. First off, you should consider the price for maintenance and the life your current roof has already provided for you to see if what makes sense financially.

Next, you should look around to find a roofing contractor who you feel comfortable with, will talk with you about your different options, and then finally will give you a fair price for the work he or she is going to do. Skycraft Roofing is always happy to help you with the beginning stages of planning for a roof. Generally speaking, when it comes to pricing you will get a slightly better deal during the summer months when property owners are not worried as much about roof leaks and contractors, therefore, have less demanding schedules to work around. It is always best though to schedule a re-roof as far ahead of time as possible to lock in your project schedule and price.

Then there is the situation where planning for a new roof is not necessary. If your current roof was installed properly and is less than 15 years old planning for a new roof should be able to wait a few years. Often times, to get the most life out of your roof it makes financial sense to setup an annual or bi-annual roof maintenance schedule. This will make sure that the most vulnerable areas of your roof; drains, valleys, and all different types of penetrations through the roof, are well sealed and ready for the weather. These “problem areas” can be the root of issues even on relatively new roofs. Contact Skycraft Roofing Inc. to discuss whether a maintenance schedule is right for.