Acquiring your 20 yr. roof warranty


An option to purchase a 20–30 yr all inclusive warranty on our new single ply roofs has become an increasingly popular choice since we began offering them back in 2011. The process to finalize the warranty works like this. Skycraft Roofing installs your new roof following the manufacturers, Carlisle's or Versico's, specifications to the tee. Everything on the roof is required to be a Carlisle product. Furthermore we must complete the work in a way that they are positive will stand the test of time. This means following their detail specifications for every part of the installation, from the fastening of the under layment to the manner in which we seal the pipe flashing. All details are laid out in a plan-like format available in pocket books and through their mobile app. However, the 20 yr warranty specs have become 2nd nature to our crews who by now have roofed thousands of sq. ft. of warranted single ply roofs.

After installation, the job is submitted to Carlisle-Versico and an inspection is scheduled. I will then meet the field service representative on the job and help him gain access to the roof. A thorough walk of the roof commences where every detail is examined. The seams in the roofing membrane are probed to ensure complete welds, drains are checked on the inside for proper sealant, and all of the intricate details including pipe flashing, equipment roofing, wall details, etc. are inspected. If there are deficiencies in the roof system they are noted and must be fixed before the warranty is issued. If the inspector finds no issues with the system, the job is signed off on and we are able to issue the warranty to the building owner.

This is a great method for the following reason: a.) The roofers are working with 100% high quality materials for the duration of the job b.) There are no questions as to how a tough detail should be roofed c.) The building owner is ensured that there are no shortcomings in his new roof after the manufacturer's representative signs off on it.